Friday, December 19, 2008

Into the nature of Templer Park

Nowadays for sure,many people would love to take their family to the water parks than going into the nature parks..As for us,we love to go to the man made water parks as well but the nature parks/places are the best place to visit especially for the children to know better and experience themselves nearer.

For us..this is our first time visit to Templer Park as it is situated not so far from our place..The school holidays are still on..and the weather is good to go out..

The great view from the nature..

Build up the water dam..

Nasrin had her first experience bathing in the water fall..muka takut..haha

Ilayda too..basuh kaki ajer la...nak mandi x bole lagi la..Sorry dear..

Hmm...I wonder what is she thingking??-Syoknyer kalau dpt masuk nih!

Oh yes..I would love to tell you that..there are so many monkeys around the park especially at the car park area that are waiting for people to feed them..
Be carefull ye...