Friday, March 30, 2007

Emmmbeeekkkk..I want my spagetthi!!!

Iskh..Ishk..Ishkk..kambing Poitiers ni rupanya suka makan spagethi..kikiki..lawak pulak rasanya..patut la bg makan daun buat dekk jer..rupa2nya engkau ni suka makan spagetthi..huhuhu..hahaha..pandai memilih rupanya kambing2 kat sini...

Uiiii...5 batang sekali engkau telan..kruk..krak..krukk.krak...bunyiknya...

All these goat or chevre in french came from Senegal..Hmmm..jauh jugak tu nak bawak ke France ye x...

Actually we always came here in the evening to feed the goats,ducks and birds too..The parc is called Parc Blossac..It was the major park in Poitiers town..Besides that,my husband and I also brought our kiddos to play at the playground nearby..Sometimes,we played table tennis,roller-blade,petangue and football also...

ok guys..lets share some story or something funny about your pets or animals that love to eat something bizarre..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Les Chateaux de la Loire


The chateau of Azay de Rideau was built from 1518 until 1527,one of the earlist French renaissance chateau.Built on an island on Indre river,its foudations rise straight out of the water.

Penjaga chateau


Chambord is the largest of the Loire castles,sumptuous renaissance palace,creation of the King Francois I inspired by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci.Dreams of a genial artist made reality by the enthusiasm by the greatest king of the 16C......

Pays de la Loire is famous by its chateaux or in english..castles.There are 12 amazing and historic chateaux here..

Wafeeq memandu bot!

Chambord is the biggest chateaux in pays the la Loire zone..but we could not entered the building because the visitors time are closed..Quel dommage ha!

Great pics..Nasrin with her ayah

Because of that..we decided to ride a boat which the driver was Wafeeq.....

Gambar belakang Chateau de Chambord

Pandangan dari hadapan Castle de Chambord..ada 440 rooms!


Built on the river Cher,where the unique beauty of its architecture reflects in the water,The Chateau de Chenonceau is the Val of the Loire's finial.The "Chateau de Chenonceau"..the "perfect" Loire Valley castle in the harmonious setting of the river Cher,forests,gardens,..shaped by women,Chaterine Briconney,Dianne the Poitiers,Chaterine de Medicy,Louisse de Lorraine,Madame Dupin,Madame Pelouze..

Me and the castle..Tres mingnon...!

Inside the castle of Chenonceau

Very beautiful scenery...I love this castle..C'est superb qoui!

C'est le beau yang sangat menawan hatiku...

A beautiful building covered with plants and leaves!This Building is in the centre of Chenonceau town...
C'est un croyable...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kermesse de L'ecole Perochon

Wafeeq and his friends waiting for their gymnastics performance..

Nasrin my cute little cubby princess..

Kermesse or charity baazar in english was held at L'ecole Perochon in the mid year of 2006.This charity baazar was held to collect money for the school projects.Parents had to pay a little amount of money to buy tikets for the games and others.There were many creative,fun and attractive games such as in the pictures.Every class took part in the charity baazar..They acted,sang songs,sold their handmade arts and crafts and the pupils from the kindergarten performed gymnastics.The parents helped the teachers to conduct the games.They also donated their homemade cakes or pasteries to be sell out at the charity baazar food stalls...

This is my family and my parents in law..They spent their vacance in France and Spain for about 2 weeks..Thanks for visiting us!

The boy with the red shirt is Antoine G..He is my son bestfriend...

Wafeeq with his gun action....

Me with Nasrin Humaira and Muhammad Wafeeq..Love u both!

Fishing on the land..

"C'est tres bien Wafeeq"..said Pierre..Wafeeq's class teacher

Wafeeq with Luna and Enki..Mak tok and Wan also..

Hmmm.......Vit Bruno.....

Nice try wafeeq.... fort mon cheri!

"C'est tres facile..ibu.."

Gymnastic by Wafeeq...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Asterix Parc...:):):)

Hello..Hai..Bonjour..Hola..ALoha...Bonjourno..Namaste..Wanekem..This is another theme park that you and your family or friends can find here in Paris..It is more peaceful and not so crowd of visitors..There are also lots of fast food by Asterix and his friends and less but not least the performing of the sea life..Dolphins with their friends too..The roller-coaster are among the most frightening of all..hahhah..Want to try?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Have Your Unlimited Fun At Disneyland Paris:))

My favourite of all..Small world

In front of Disney Village..time to shop

Disney Parade..Mary Poppins

Disney Parade..Aladdin aussi

Disney Parade...Cinderella

Disney Parade...The Little Mermaid And Friends

Disney Parade...Beauty and the best...of course yg depan sekali tu beauty..bukan beast tau..haha

Disney Parade...Mr Goofy

I am bug the lightyear...

It's raining..

The Haunted House...huaaaaa hhiiiiiieeeeeee

Pirates of Carribbean

Cave?Ehh..macam serupa pulak..ahaks

Mr Azhar actions

Our Family...

In front of Motors action Scene..

M I C K E Y..

Wafeeq,Nasrin,Mrs Incredibles

Disney Studio entrance

Disneyland entrace

Bonjour a tous..cava?Today I would like to share with u the most popular place en France that we love to go and will go again for the 3rd times!!!Apa lagi..Disneyland lerrr...Syok siut..hahha..These photos was taken somewhere in August in 2006..The entrance fee is just 44 euros per person and if u are lucky u will get 25 euros per adult..tengok dia punya promotion of course..This year childrens who are under 7 years old can enter Disneyland for free..There will also another new fun games and new fantastic parade..Come let's visit Disneyland!!