Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Asterix Parc...:):):)

Hello..Hai..Bonjour..Hola..ALoha...Bonjourno..Namaste..Wanekem..This is another theme park that you and your family or friends can find here in Paris..It is more peaceful and not so crowd of visitors..There are also lots of fast food restaurants..rides..games..performance by Asterix and his friends and less but not least the performing of the sea life..Dolphins with their friends too..The roller-coaster are among the most frightening of all..hahhah..Want to try?


Kak Elle said...

Faiza where about is this park?but we won't have time I guess.

faizabelle79 said...

kak.elle..parc ini di luar Paris sikit..ada dalam 20 mins from CDG Paris..