Sunday, March 4, 2007

Summer 2006

This is Lyon...

Sets of beautiful restaurants...

Wafeeq and Nasrin having their fun...

Lyon river...

Very amazing buildings and architecture..


Fun fair in NICE

Berhenti rehat..on the way back

On our way back to Poitiers

Kesian Nasrin..tertidur akhirnya

Pisa Italy..

Kedai membeli belah souveniers..

Our family..I love this pics

My son and daughter...

My Shahrukh Khan...hehe


Beautiful scenery of Monaco..

In Monaco also..

Wafeeq with a big fish...

Casino of Monaco city..

At the hotel in NICE

Aku sedang memotong bawang untuk masak sardin..hehe

Pantai NICE..pantai batu..

At the beachside...NICE

Nice action yarrr...

Summer starts in Julliet every year in France and its neighbours country..This remind me of our 1 week vacation to south of france and Italy..We were so excited especially the parents..hahhah..not the children of course..My husband drove a car which we rented a day earlier..It was such a big car actually and very comfortable..On the first boy Wafeeq,vomitted in the car twiced!!Sucks...kuakuakua..ape nak buat..dia x biasa jalan jauh dan pasang aircond plak tu...dah lama x naik keta katakan..sian..always travel by bus maaa... We started our first day journey at about 10 a.m and reached Lyon at about 3 p.m..Lyon is one of france big city and it is very beautiful with its scenery..In the evening,we planned to go the the camping side to rest for one one..but we could not find husband and I decided to stay in a hotel for that night..We were lucky because there are one room left at the Formula 1 hotel..nak x nak kena ambik jugak la...The next afternoon,we ontinued our journey to NICE..

Finally,we reached NICE at night and slept 2 nights at the hotel there..quite a good hotel..I cooked nasi and sardine curik2 kat bathroom hotel...hahhaha...nak save budget lorrr...kalau beli nanti mahal..In the next morning..we went sight-seeing around Nice town n beaches and also went to Monaco...Tempat yang terkenal dgn perjudian..hahha..tapi kami x judik tau...x baik tuuu...Monac0 is a very clean n beautiful place..It is also a harbour where you can see the big ships and yacths everywhere.. The last trip..went to visit the PISA TOWER Italy...Fantastic..Mystery..Historic...bla..bla..bla..We stayed at the hotel for one night only and ate Italien pizzas for dinner...sedap!!mmg sedap beb!!Italy sebenarnya kotor..I hate it!!Kalau berhajat melancong ke Italy baik pk beratus2 kali sebelum pergi...hish..hanya di sekitar PISA sahaja yg cantik..Then..we got back to Nice and stayed in the tent for a also went swimming in the sea just acrossed the camping side..At night..we went to a huge fun fair to enjoy ourselves!!!! Next afternoon,after we had luch,we continued our journey to Poitiers..On the way home,we stopped for a while at the RnR.. I bought sme buns for Nasrin and Wafeeq and also me and my hubby..We reached home at about 2 a.m..What a tiring day..but I am sure that this summer vacation are the most meaningful and memorable in ourlife..-end-

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