Monday, March 5, 2007

My appartement in Poitiers..

Hi..everyone..Today I would like to share with u some pics of our rented appartement in Poitiers..Its not big and its not too small..just nice!Orang kata la...There are 2 bedrooms,1 kitchen,1 toilet,1 bathroom with bathtub(of course le umah org putih),hall and balcony(aku tanam pokok2 kat situ la..)This year I plant some tulips!!!Last year pokok sayur..tomatoes,caulif-flowers,beans
and strawberries...semuanya telah menghasilkan buah dgn byk..sampai izah bg kat jiran2 n kawan2..x dan nak eat..

In front of our house..there is a huge garden tempat my children play anything..tapi kosong je xde slight,see-saw or we prefer to play football be continued..

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k-riey said...

comey sungguh askar2 dia..macam parents depa.
geram menengoknye.hahaha
apartment yg best gile!