Thursday, March 8, 2007

Resepi compote

Hi...cava?Today I would like to share with u a very simple resepi called compote..(requested by Lyn Zainal dgn ucapan..buat ape tu?)It is so nice to eat with mashed potatoes...and also with roasted chicken..Ini adalah resepi ala Belgium..

All u need...
red apples(6 apples for 6 person..ikut la berapa org nak makan ye..)
half cup of fresh water(ayo masak)
casseroll(yg x lekat punya periuk)

Firstly..slice the apples into cute cubes(mcm nak wat isi karipap tu)Next,put it into your casseroll and cook it until it cooked..(sampai jadi cam jem)..Finally..ready to be served with roasted chicken and mashed potatoes..So easy maa....

Selamat mencuba...nyum..nyum...

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