Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aku rindu waktu blog..

I Miss dearest blog...My daily rutine makes you and me seem so far away but truely deep in my soul..I always think about you day and night...Sorry for my dearest blog...

I miss those days back in France..We met each other mostly everyday..Once in a while, I often changed your mood,your hair style,your hair that you will look fresh and happy all the time..:)

Dearest blog,
Thank you for being here for me..because of you dear..I have lots of cyber friends that always wait for us to come out with our story.."flowerpower7879"..You will always in my heart!!!!TQ!

1 comment:

mas,sam,iqbal&mikhail said...

sama la. dah bersawang my blog after came back here. tak der nak update la.